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Standard/Advanced Rolfing®

Ten to twelve

consecutive sessions

and maintenance work after

the initial series.

Spot Work

Combined technique work focused on

specfic issues:

  • Occupational disabilities

  • Car accidents

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Structural or functional issues with children, musicians, athletes.


  • Introduction to Trauma Transformation

  • The Gesture of Traumatic Response

Kristen Kuester is an approved provider

  for continuing education through NCBTMB

  • Assisting Traumatized Pets

Work with Animals

Specializing in canine orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation

Service Dog handling assistance:

Identifying special needs of working partners

Kristen Kuester is a certified

Service Dog Instructor through

A Fresh Perspective Dog Training (Dillender)

Somatic Experiencing®

Trauma Transformation Therapy

Benefits of Transformative Bodywork

improves posture / self image improves sense of embodiment / presence improves movement efficiency • re-orders imbalances caused by injuries, old or new releases toxins in tissues renegotiates physiological trauma  relieves or reduces chronic pain restores healthy body balances lost with aging assists in crisis intervention and stress management

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