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Structural Integration

refers to a system of education and physical manipulation developed in the 1940's by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The work later became known as "Rolfing." The goal of Rolfing® is to place the body in optimal mechanical alignment for support in gravity and effortless movement. Through my precisely applied pressure, synchronized with your response, I am able to work at all layers of the connective tissue (myofascial) network that surrounds muscles, bones and organs. Manipulation of this tissue integrates the internal architecture of your body with your movement through the external world. The force of the Rolf technique does not need to be unpleasant. I work gently, always in direct communication with you.

Movement Re-Education

is part of the original Rolf Structural Integration work. I have also been influenced by may other systems of movement awareness. In practice, re-education deeply engrained patterns of movement involves my specific observation of your body as you move, rest, sit, stand and breathe. I gently explore what easily moves and what is held, encouraging release of neuromuscular contraction around joints. This allows your body to let go into gravity. Together we discover new movement options where habitual patterns are restricting smooth action. We also find verbal cues and exercises that help you maintain the more comfortable way of being as you move through daily activities.

Somatic Experiencing®

the work of Dr. Peter Levine, offers a unique approach to trauma recovery. Traumatic symptoms that interrupt the flow of life arise when residual energy is not discharged from the body. When we perceive ourselves to be in danger and we can not fight or flee to guarantee our safety, we freeze, and this charge remains trapped in our body's muscular and nervous systems.

I am trained to assist you in bringing your awareness into your felt sense (your somatic experience) so that you can renegotiate the traumatic moment(s). This allows you to reintegrate your instinctive survival energies with your rational and emotional response. As I listen to your stories, images, feelings, and sensations, I encourage you to also stay in touch with what - in present time - feels safe. Little by little the charge is released and the body/mind can find a deeper calm. This work can be integrated into bodywork sessions lying down, or practiced fully clothed, seated.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

has its origins in traditional Osteopathy. Numerous Rolfing® techniques also share this lineage. The therapy involves subtle listening to the bones, fluids, and membranes that encase the brain and spinal cord. With my hands gently placed in various positions on your body, I listen for the rhythmic pulsations that regulate the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and create life-giving movement throughout all bodily tissues. My simple presence as a witness to these physical/energetic patterns can release deeply held imbalances, torsions, and disease.

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