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Kristen completed her certification as a Rolfer® in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1987. She completed the Somatic Experiencing® certification in 2002. Cranio Sacral studies have been incorporated since 1992. She has practiced Yoga, Tai Chi, and various contemporary body-mind re-patterning techniques since 1975, including two years of classes with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


She holds a Master's degree in sculpture/ performance from the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. Kristen incorporates her working knowledge of structural anatomy and mechanics of motion with an artist's intuitive aesthetic sensibility to envision and follow the unique form each individual may take.


After a succession of mid-life challenges Kristen dealt with her own dis-regulation by extending her love of the canine and employing her dog as a service animal. She has since certified as a service dog instructor. Calm inter-species communication and the great benefit of a working human/dog partnership is completely parallel with the premises of the biological model of trauma transformation.

Kristen with Katee Kaia, service dog in training

photo by Karla Lee Kuester




Working Through the Pandemic

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